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21 July 2023

20 July 2023

28 June 2023

26 June 2023

  • curprev 05:5405:54, 26 June 2023Sorrode-gpuser talk contribs 330 bytes +330 Created page with "{{Attachment_infobox|title1=SE-5 Grip|type=Underbarrel Rail|vertical_recoil=<font color="lightgreen">-7%</font>|horizontal_recoil=<font color="lightgreen">-7%</font>|ads_time=<font color="IndianRed">+?</font>|running_speed=<font color="IndianRed">-0.01</font>|reloadtime=<font color="IndianRed">+2.5%</font>}} Improves recoil"