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BattleBit currently has six classes; Squad Leader, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon.

To choose a class you have to be in a Squad. Classes theoretically have class limits, but in practice this does not apply because the class limit per squad is equal to the squad size on official servers. Squad Leader is technically the exception, with only one slot, but only the squad owner can select them in the first place.

Different classes have different options when it comes to Weapons, Gadgets, and Armor. The only exception is secondary weapons, as all classes can use all secondaries.

Class Details

Squad Leader

Squad Leader Class.png

*Currently removed from game ver 2.1.4* The Squad Leader is similar to the Assault in what Weapons they have access to, although the squad leader is as the name says the leader of your designated squad. This class is responsible for leading the squad into battle, planning the course of where to attack by pressing the 'ping' button (default is middle mouse button) while looking at an objective. They will also be able to call in air strikes in the future, but this is not currently implemented.

Squad Leader also has access to gadgets like Bino Soflam, and the Air Drone, both good for keeping an eye on the enemy from a safe distance. Squad Leader is one of two classes incapable of using heavy body armor, and is restricted to only light or standard body armor. They only have access to standard-sized backpacks as well. Strangely, they can carry a single additional bandage for 5 total, compared to most classes having 4. More importantly, they also carry an additional grenade for free.

The Squad Leader class may only be selected by the current squad leader. The squad leader can mark objectives and call in spawn beacons regardless of what class they choose.

Class weapons (18 total):


Assault Class.png

The Assault class is the "default" class, starting with the M4A1, for the players who just want a standard Assault Rifle to earn some kills. Uniquely, they have various improvements to gun handling; a 25% boost to reload speed, 20% boost to ADS speed with close-range sights, and 25% boost to weapon swap speed.

Assault has access to traversal gadgets like the Sledge Hammer and Grappling Hook to make breaching buildings easier. They can also equip Small Ammo Kits to replenish bullets and bandages, though unlike the Support these boxes cannot supply explosives or gadgets, only ammo and bandages. They are the only class capable of using the Riot Shield. Assault is given heavy body armor by default, and can equip medium or light armor as alternative options. They can also equip light or normal backpacks. Additional gadget capacity for the Sledge Hammer and Pickaxe will not have any effect.

Class weapons(22 Total):


Medic Class.png

The Medic class is responsible for everyone's health around them, though the Medic is still equipped for war with the MP7 by default and has access to other SMGs, PDWs and Assault Rifles. A Medic concerned with dragging fallen allies back into cover will appreciate the better hipfire abilities and movement speed given by lighter options, but a full rifle will usually be better at further ranges. Medics enjoy substantial advantages with bandages: they apply them twice as fast to both bleeding and downed teammates (and themselves), and they can carry 20 of them instead of the usual 6. They can be distributed to teammates by dropping them with X (by default).

The Medic has access to the same primary gadget lineup as all other classes, but uniquely only has a single secondary gadget, the Medic Kit. This kit is the only way to recover health in the field. It can be used infinitely by holding the left or right mouse buttons to heal yourself or a nearby ally; pressing X (by default) will throw a kit down where allies can use it themselves to heal more slowly than direct application. This will not run out, and the Kit can be picked back up at any time.

Medics equip standard armor by default, and can use light, ranger, or heavy armor as alternative options, though heavy armor is only unlocked at a very high rank. They can use normal or heavy backpacks.

Class weapons(24 Total):


Engineer Class.png

The Engineer's job is all about vehicles; both destroying them and repairing them. They have exclusive access to RPG's,Anti Vehicle Grenades, and the Repair Tool. They also have the widest range of weapons to choose from, only lacking LMGs, Light Support Guns, and Sniper Rifles. Aside from their gadget selection, they don't have any unique capabilities beyond the other classes.

An Engineer's effectiveness isn't totally related to vehicles, however. Their Repair Tool can be swapped out for any explosive primary gadget, and the RPG can use fragmentation rockets instead of HEAT for a larger splash radius at a cost of damage & target choice. Rockets are also obviously very good at knocking down walls enemies are using for cover. Engineers wear standard armor by default, and have access to light and heavy armor. Uniquely, they can choose to wear no armor at all, losing any protection and the additional ammo and grenades from an armor vest in exchange for a massive increase to aiming speed, making the RPG much deadlier but restricting them everywhere else. They can use light, normal, or heavy backpacks. When selecting a backpack, keep in mind that additional gadget capacity for the Repair Tool will not do anything.

Class weapons(29 Total):


Support Class.png

The Support class is responsible for doing the heavy lifting: laying down suppressive fire with the big guns, throwing grenades left and right, and securing your squad's safety in combat with constructed cover. They are the only class capable of constructing the Large Hesco wall; construction can be done by holding the middle mouse button and clicking the top-left brickwork icon. Supports also construct a object instantly when first placed & builds them up faster when damaged than other classes. Like the Squad Leader, they get a free extra grenade.

The Support is the only class with access to the Heavy Ammo Kit. They can instead carry the same Small Ammo Kit as the Assault, but there's very little reason to do so as the Heavy Ammo Kit is better in every way. A single Kit holds vast amounts of bullets (about a thousand), and is the only way to resupply gadgets and throwables in the field. Each one can resupply five Frag Grenades, Anti-Personal Mines or C4; other throwables and gadgets will draw more or less supply points from the box. With the default big backpack providing three boxes, the Support can essentially carry nineteen total Frag Grenades per life. This makes them very powerful in chokepoints even without the suppression power of their unique LMGs.

Supports also have access to super-heavy Exo Armor, this unique armor type offers even more protection at the cost of less magazines & even slower ADS and run speed than the standard Heavy armor, but with the Support having the ability to use 100-round LMGs, and essentially unlimited ammo with the Heavy Ammo Kits, this is less important. They can also equip heavy or standard body armor. Their helmets also come in Exo, heavy, and standard variants. They are the only class that cannot entirely forego a helmet. They can use either the big backpack or a heavy backpack.

Class weapons(4 Total):


Recon Class.png

The Recon class is your squad's overwatch, taking out enemies from hundreds of meters away, without endangering any of your teammates. Aside from their access to Sniper Rifles, there is no ability inherent to the Recon class. In fact, they have one penalty; they can only carry three bandages. Keep in mind that Snipers deal more damage at extreme range; some options can instantly kill with a shot to the body, but only at ranges in excess of 800 meters. At closer ranges, a head shot is necessary, so a powerful pistol is more important for Recon than other classes. Snipers can also deal light damage to all vehicles.

The Recon class can unlock high tech gadgets like the Air Drone, good for spying on the enemies to figure out their location and capable of using mines to convert it into a explosive camera guided bomb, the MDX-201, a device that mimics the scope glint caused by sniper rifles, and the Grappling Hook, making it easier to gain the high ground for easier shots. They wear light armor by default, and can unlock normal or ranger armor. Strangely, they can't wear any sort of helmet, only hats, so any counter-sniping aimed at a scope's glint is very likely to be deadly. They can also select from all four backpack types; light, normal, heavy, and big.

Class weapons(11 Total):