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The following is the version history of BattleBit Remastered.



This page contains a collection of the changelogs released. This list is not complete and some versions may be missing.

Update Log
Update Content

09 August 2023

  • Trophy Gadget added - Available for Assault, Engineer, Support
  • Vehicles now can damage Hesco walls & destroy barbed wires by crashing into them.
  • Attachments will now affect running speed by 50% only.
  • Improved directional audio of general game sounds.
  • Shooting C4 in mid-air will no longer launch it. (We wanted to keep this...)
  • Rockets, tank, APC rounds will destroy fences, no longer passing through them.
  • Player will no longer able to carry more gadgets than default by supplying.
  • Vote Screen - Reduced displayed maps to 4, instead of 6.
  • FLIR Sight - Teammate's armor will no longer glow.
  • Twitch Rivals skins added.

06 August 2023

  • Game will no longer auto lock squads when a party member reserves a squad for their party to join, instead, a non party member will be forced change squad (with their role) if the reserved party squad is full while a party member is joining to server.
  • Improved detection for targeting downed players to bandage/revive.
  • A bug where player's armors & body does not sync when player is standing still and client loads their object for first time until they move - fixed.
  • When a player shoots at a mine/C4/claymore, the shooter will take ownership for the explosion, as if they owned the mine/C4/claymore. Previously, ownership remained with the person who deployed the mine, even when someone else shot at it. This led to instances where shooting a friend's claymore/mine would kill them.
  • Players will no longer be allowed to place mine/claymore under water


  • Progression curve will ease after level 15 to keep consistent time to level up.
    • This is intended to decrease the time commitment and XP required to reach level 200 on average.
  • Empty transport/boat vehicles will no longer give points when destroyed.
  • XP Score Event added: Destroying enemy c4/mine/claymore will give a hitmarker and additional XP


  • Clan submissions will open with requirements of minimum Prestige 1.
  • Used clan invites persisting once used from clan invite list has been fixed.
  • The issue where the 100 clan invite limitation included expired invites has been fixed.


After a long discussion, it's apparent that the medic is the only class capable of enduring more than one fight. Other classes cannot survive a second fight after being shot. Consequently, making other classes very unpleasant to use, in response, the following change has been implemented:

  • Bandages now apply self-heal, even when bleeding, gaining +40 HP for each bandage used. This applies to all classes.
    • You cannot heal other players by bandaging, it remains the same as before, you can only stop bleeding or revive, but it will not heal them, only the Medic can heal OTHER players with their Medkit Gadget.


    • New barbed wires deployable available for use
    • 2.5x XP bonus for vehicle destruction.
  • XP with Engineer Bonus
    • Transport vehicles: 1000xp
    • APC: 2,000xp
    • Tank: 4,000xp
    • Helicopter: 4,000xp
    • Boat: 1,000xp
  • Other Classes
    • Transport vehicles: 400xp
    • APC: 800xp
    • Tank: 1,600xp
    • Helicopter: 1,600xp
    • Boat: 400xp


  • Weapon attachments wouldn't affect player speed - fixed.
  • Aim punch/flinch will exponentially scale down based on damage received, instead of pistol on leg and sniper on chest having the same effect for example.
  • Kriss Vector
    • Damage per bullet adjusted to 22, down from 24.
    • Damage drop-off now starts at 10 meters, down from 50.
    • Standard/Quick magazine now holds 36 bullets, down from 40.
  • ACR
    • ACR aim down time buffed from 0.25 seconds to 0.21 seconds.
    • ACR player running speed buffed from 1.01 to 1.05 x.
    • ACR control reduced from 100% to 105%.
    • ACR damage increased from 25 to 27.
  • AK5C
    • AK5C damage increased from 30 to 34.
    • AK5C vertical recoil increased from 1.4 to 1.6
    • AK5C horizontal recoil increased from 1.2 to 1.4
    • AK5C's first shot recoil reduced from 1.5 to 1.0
    • AK5C's reload speed increased by 12.5%.
  • SG550
    • SG550's muzzle flash size reduced from 100% to 85%.


  • New Sea Vehicle: RCB90 added
  • Destroying enemy vehicles will give different XP rewards based on type
  • Improved road kill detection
  • Littlebird minigun's light vehicle damage increased from 2 to 4
  • APC receives 2x damage from the rear
  • Tanks & APCs - Upon firing, resupply cooldown will reset to 60 seconds to avoid player supplying & firing same time.
  • When players return to base for repair, the driver/pilot will also be healed. Exiting the vehicle is no longer neccesary, which should reduce cases of vehicle hijacking
  • Helicopter's sensitivity will no longer be affected by FPS (it used to be more sensitive as you had less FPS, less sensitive as you have more FPS)
  • Stutters while piloting helicopter should be improved (need to be tested)
  • Helicopter inflicting self-damage when game lags (i.e. opening scoreboard, etc) - fixed.
  • Player would not able to see blood screen while inside some vehicles - fixed.
  • Turret/minigun shots does not count as 'bullets fired' in stats - fixed.


  • District Rework integration
  • Wine Paradise - Rework + Expansion to support CONQ 254p gamemode
  • MultuIslands - CONQ Ultra downscaled twice until there are more options of mobility for players
  • MultuIslands - 32v32 Rush added. New POI was added East from middle of map to make use of Rush layout.
  • Wakistan - Objective F was shifted to the East by 222 meters with some additional ways to enter in the middle of map.
  • TensaTown - RUSH block silo position for Defender team to avoid spawn camping of Attacker team.
  • Namak - Potential fix of an issue causing an inability to spawn on Objective B
  • Further GPU optimization on 3D models of map objects
  • Salhan - removed a OP tank spot at USA side and added some of hesco walls on long line road.
  • Salhan - Tanks removed until exploit with tanks will be fixed to not let them climb on the cliffs.
  • Bricks not spawning when walls are destroyed - fixed.

CTF Quality of Life

  • District and Sandy Sunset now support CTF
  • Added safe zones for teams.
  • Moving the flag to the safe zone will no longer teleport it back to the enemy base, but will instead teleport it next to the safe zone border.
  • When flag carrier gets killed while swimming, players cannot recapture the flag fixed.
  • Successfully capturing the enemy flag will award more XP.
  • Killing the enemy flag carrier will award an additional bonus.


  • Community server API core finished.
  • Community servers, ability to set map rotation, gamemode rotation added. (for admins)
  • Server option to host voxel gamemode ( for community servers added/
  • Community API - get/save stats.
  • Community API - control over player roles added (if you want to restrict roles per team/squad or have other intentions)
  • Community API - Read Access from official stats, admin can choose to ignore, replace, use the stats.
  • Community API - ability manipulate player's weapon, attachments, skins, spawn position, armors added.
  • Community API - admin will also get a callback when a player reports another player in their server.
  • Community API - callbacks when player is alive / dead and access if they are alive or not.
  • Community server API core finished.
  • Backend client API fix where backend becomes unresponsive time to time.

23 July 2023

Patch Notes

  • New Game Mode: Capture The Flag!
  • New Map: MultuIslands
  • Capture the flag, if flag is carried over to any safe zone, main base etc, it will be auto teleported back to flag's spawn point to prevent someone keeping flag in safe zone.
  • UI improvements for Capture The Flag
  • The spectator mode has been further improved.
  • Player lag has been improved during rope climbing.
  • The issue where turrets, helicopters, etc. were incorrectly counted as 'shots fired' in stats has been fixed.
  • Spawning on players will not be rewarded until the game starts.
  • Tanks will no longer apply torque when the wheels are not touching the ground.
  • Bullets will cause 2x less damage when shot through vehicle windows.
  • Salhan - Southern area city buildings were replaced with more durable ones that will block line of sight from A even after destroying it.
  • Salhan and Frugis objectives adjustments based on players feedback to avoid spawn camping
  • Valley - DOMI 16v16 layout tweaked.
  • Eduardovo - DOMI 16v16 layout tweaked.
  • Namak - roof exploit fixed.
  • incorrect naming of "Support Armor 00 A Big" fixed

17 July 2023

In this week's update, we've made some changes to the size of objective capture areas to provider a tighter and more consistent attack - defend dynamic. In some cases, capture areas were too large as a result of a discrepancy between the dev environment and the in-game result. We're also making it easier to party up with users not on your friends list, and added a quicker way to report users without using the scoreboard. Additional fail-safes have been implemented to protect users from progress loss or stat resets.

Patch Notes

  • Party Codes: New feature that enables players to join parties without adding each other as Steam Friends
  • Report Player Shortcut: Left Shift + F1/2/3/4, etc will bring up the report menu for the respective player, without having to go to the scoreboard. This makes it easier to report players for abusive behavior, or other inappropriate conduct
  • Stat-Sync Protection: A rare case has been fixed where a player's progress would reset if they joined a game server while the player stats servers were being updated. This happened because the game server would receive the player's stats as level 0, which would reset the player's progress.
    1. To fix this, the game server will now no longer let a player join if it fails to fetch their stats. This will prevent players from joining the server with level 0.
    2. Additionally, the backend will no longer accept saving stats of a player if their rank is less than it was before. This will help to prevent players from intentionally resetting their progress.
  • Objective Capture Zones: Sizes have been reduced to 50%/75% of their original size in some areas. This should improve the user experience in CONQ and FRONTLINE game modes, as it will make it easier to defend objectives and allow your team to spawn on them until the enemy enters the capture zone and triggers the spawn lock. This change will also make it more difficult to hide in one of the many buildings on the map and stay in the enemy objective in order to disable their spawn.
  • Placed Gadget Persistence: Players will now be limited in the amount of C4s, mines, claymores, ammo kits, etc. that they can place at the same time.
    1. C4s will be destroyed when a player dies. A maximum of 6 can be placed. If a player tries to place a 7th C4, the first one will be destroyed to maintain a total of 6.
    2. Claymores and mines will not be destroyed when a player dies. However, only 4 can be placed at a time. If a player tries to place a 5th claymore or mine, the first one will be destroyed to ensure that there are only 4 at a time.
  • Domination - Reviving players will no longer return tickets.
  • Eduardovo - CONQ 32v32 received a unique layout that is separate from the 127v127 playable area.
  • Salhan - RU Border has been extended on the west side (Cav exit) to make spawn camping more difficult.
  • Frugis - The last stage of Rush received changes allowing the attacking team to exit from a subway near the enemy spawn.
  • Wakistan - Domination 32v32 layout will now feature an east coast line layout. The old layout will be moved to 16v16
  • The number of players in enemy vehicles will no longer be shown on the map when they are spotted.
  • When placing walls, there will be a half-player-size space margin requirement to avoid clipping. This means that there must be at least half the size of a player between the wall and any other object, such as another wall or a player. This is to prevent the wall from clipping through other objects, which can cause visual and gameplay issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not switch to their primary weapon when placing a claymore while throwing a grenade
  • Fixed an issue where the friend list would not load until the party menu was hovered over
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pass the main menu due to avatar images
  • Fixed the broken Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen
  • A bug where players could sometimes walk during the countdown on Frontline has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to lag while using the Rappelling Rope
  • Spectator camera improved.

9 July 2023

This week's major progress was backend optimization/fixes. Our backend slowed down after 2nd week which caused random issues, it was a ticking bomb at that point and had to be urgently worked on before it was too late.

Patch Notes

  • Heavy backend optimizations
  • Further CPU optimization
  • Client side performance optimization
  • Possible fix for game lagging each 5 seconds
  • Rally points bugs entire UI if player joins to game while game is ending and there is a rally point deployed in their team fixed.
  • PP2000 attachment scaling fixed
  • Rsh12 magazine model fixed
  • MP7's magazines are back
  • Wakistan - CONQ 64v64 order of flag naming fixed.
  • SandySunset - Frontline intial spawn of USA team pushed back by 50 meters to balance travel timing to targeted objective for both teams
  • Frugis - Rush 32v32 added (3 steps / 5 objectives per step with 2 random active objective)
  • Number of seats used will be displayed on vehicle if there are any users in the vehicle.
  • Twitch drops limit to 20 skins fixed. (If you have more than 20, it's still there, our api call was limited to up to 20, it will auto update in game)
  • In cases of player's data is not updated from game server to backend, when player attempts to join a new server, user stats will be synced much faster. (before 10-15 seconds, now 2 seconds).
  • Friends not loading in party tab fixed.
  • Steam friend list causing lag each 5 fixed.
  • Privacy Policy Update (Restructured for better readability)
1.51 Hotfix

23 June 2023

Hotfix Notes:
  • Fixed a collision issue with bullets and water
  • Fixed a major issue related to network packet loss

23 June 2023

New Map: Namak

Supported Modes & Sizes
  • Domination: 254 • 128 • 64
  • Inf Conquest: 254 • 128 • 64
  • Conquest: 128 • 64
Additional Updates
  • C4 bug fixed.
  • Community Servers - SteamID names rate limit fixed.
  • Firewall updates against DDOS attacks.
  • Construction base safe zone received some tweaks.
  • New unique layout for 32v32 CONQ and INFCONQ on Sandy Sunset.
  • Destroyed Helicopter's colliders will be more accurate to the visual model.
  • XP Bar will no longer be visible when player is down.
  • A notification will appear on top left when server intentionally ignores hit reg on extreme packet loss situations
  • Player Hitbox - bullet detection improved on close range cases. (proning - trying to kill)
  • Some maps received bug and exploit fixes.

20 June 2023

  • Added an on-screen level progression bar (this can be disabled from Gameplay -> Show Level Progression) -  👋
  • Added a squad list in the bottom left corner (this can be disabled from Gameplay settings)
  • Increased the HP of Blackhawk - KA60 by 50%, 2000 HP ---> 3000 HP
  • Improved hitbox detection and hit registration
  • Changed AK15's ext-magazine stats
  • Vehicles will no longer be able to resupply while firing. 60 seconds cooldown implemented to prevent continuous supplying and firing (particularly for APCs)
  • Fixed the issue where the "Give Up" UI could not be seen during night vision
  • Adjusted layers on CONQ for Salhan, Construction, and Azagor. Player names will be limited to prevent clipping in the squad menu
  • In loadout, the 'Supporter Icon' will indicate which skins are part of the supporter pack
  • Players will no longer be able to damage enemy vehicles that are parked in the base (only applicable in safe zones where neither players nor vehicles can inflict or receive damage)
  • Simplified the representation of special keys in keybindings in the game UI for a more compact display (e.g. '+' instead of 'PLUS')
  • C4s will no longer pass through fences and bushes
  • Removed canted sights from Ultimax (not possible due to the handle)
  • Fixed the issue where the RSH12 vertical recoil indicator would clip outside the bar
  • Fixed the issue where the scroll wheel couldn't be assigned in keybindings
  • Fixed UMP45 skins

18 June 2023

  • Progression adjusted. XP required per rank reduced by half. This should result in a better leveling experience. This adjustment, along with most things during Early Access are subject to change.
  • Fixed issues with DLC (Supporter Pack 1) not loading.
  • Simple tutorial that explain base features added to Shooting Range.
  • Medic Class: New downed icon showing how much time left before someone gives up.
  • Support Class - New Hesco Wall buildable added, exclusive to Support. (Will add more)
  • Basra terrain clip at Bunker was fixed.
  • Basra floating rock between points B and A fixed.
  • TensaTown double "E" objective names fixed.
  • Salhan object collider at RU Base cliff adjusted to fit model shape.
  • Less aggressive ping kick (server won't kick for sudden - short term bad connections)
  • While assigning key bindings, controller threshold will be larger to avoid noise-based input assignments.
  • Construction border layer was fixed to fully stop vehicles.
  • TensaTown - River was lowered down by 1 meter, so vehicles should be able to move under bridges along the canal.
  • TensaTown - Farm objective got extra cover due to community feedback about lack of cover on that objective.
  • Suicide C4 will no longer detonate while navigating on main menu or scoreboard.
  • Instances where you're unable to damage players that are prone has been fixed.
  • Cliff collision fixed
  • Holding A + D at same time will make player stop (instead of moving right)
  • Holding W + S at same time will make player stop (instead of moving forward)
  • Basra, vehicles clipping under water fixed.
  • User having ability to unintentionally click the main menu items (quick match, server browser, etc) while showing the intro fixed.
  • Lonovo - 64v64 layout now features a repair station at base.
  • Fixed 'Vignette' setting not functioning properly.
  • Privacy Policy Update: We made it much more clear;
    1. We only store in game audio voice chat, not other application's voice chats.
    2. This is a feature user must opt in, we DO NOT collect any data if user has not opt-in.
    3. This is a feature can be opt in/out anytime.
    4. We only collect this data during user using either (Local voice chat, Squad voice chat, Squad leader communication voice chat)

15 June 2023

Early access released on Steam