BattleBit Remastered: Update 2.1.4

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Update 2.1.4 is an update that was released on September 17th, 2023 for BattleBit Remastered.


In our latest update, we're bringing an all new map, two new weapons, global leaderboards, enhanced audio/visuals and more!

Update 2.1.4


ZalfiBay Overview

Both teams will battle for control of the Main City in an area surrounded by desert hills and canyons. Naval vehicles are your best friend for fast travel to any objective, while Snipers can utilize the islands in the middle of water to control coastline. Navigate along the cliffs and palms in between objectives to protect yourself from sniper fire while on the move!

Available on: Conquest, INF Conquest, Frontline, Domination, CTF

Global Leaderboards

Ever wondered how you stack up against the wider BattleBit Remastered Community? In this first implementation of our Global Leaderboards, you can check out the Top 5000 players or groups in the following categories:

  • Clans
  • XP Earned
  • Heals
  • Revives
  • Vehicles Destroyed
  • Vehicles Repaired
  • Road Kills
  • Longest Kill
  • Objectives Completed
  • Kills


  • Global Leaderboard implemented, Main Menu (Top 5000 listed) [work-in-progress API here]
  • On loading screen, a random global leaderboard (top 20) will be displayed.
  • Positional hitmarker (appears where the barrel is pointed instead of centered) can now be toggled on/off from settings [On by Default]
  • Server browser, filters choices will be saved
  • Loadout UI: Armor Damage renamed to 'Player Armor Damage' and 'L-Armor Damage' renamed to 'Light Vehicle Damage' to make it more clear which is which


  • Disabled the Squad Leader Class until it has proper place in the class system. This does not affect being a squad's Squad Leader
  • Frag Grenades will no longer explode on impact with vehicles
  • Additional hit reg changes + hit feedback changes.
  • Player will able to give up faster the longer they hold 'SPACE'. (Doesn't affect the speed if you don't hold SPACE)
  • During gamemode voting, players who do not vote will no longer count as 'Random', however, servers will no longer run same gamemode twice in a row.


  • Helicopters will falldown slower when tilted down exactly 180 (apparently it was a bit too much, damage fall off should be enough for now. It was cubic gravity, now exponential gravity)
  • Littlebird minigun damage falloff STARTS at 75 meters instead of 200 meters
  • Littlebird minigun damage falloff ENDS at 200 meters instead of 500 meters


New Weapons

  • Assault Rifle: F2000 (level 35)
  • DMR: G3 (level 90)


  • Firerate increased from 640 to 825
  • Vertical recoil decreased from 1.4 to 1.3
  • Horizontal recoil increased from 0.9 to 1.3
  • Quick-A Magazine size increased from 24 to 26


  • Firerate Increased, from 500 to 600


  • New Map Added: ZalfiBay
  • Window Shutters - Reduces the amount of windows to account for, can be destroyed via explosive or sledgehammer
  • Added shutters on Lonovo and Wine Paradise
  • Added shutters on desert biome buildings [Salhan, Sandy Sunset etc.]
  • Frugis: Textures added to Frugis Subway
  • Frugis: Frontline 32v32 - incorrect borders fixed
  • Tensa Town: Suburban building textures updated. Added texture to walls, foundation and floor
  • Shooting Range: Target Dummy textures were fixed


  • Directional bullet pass by sounds added
  • Players will no longer hear bullet pass by sound if there is an obstacle between player and bullet
  • When mag is emptied, there will be dry fire sound each time fire is clicked
  • Shot sounds will adjust according based on distance instead of inaudible on long distance (There will be proper work with a sound studio about this in the future)


  • Gadgets not syncing fixed (silent RPGs, suicide C4 and animations not playing etc)
  • Player visuals desyncing while climbing fixed for the 3rd time
  • A bug where bullets desync with server-client side while player is being supplied by a support player - fixed.
  • You are being bandages/revives message not appearing - fixed.
  • If a player vaults twice in a row, vaulting animation wouldn't play. - fixed
  • Misapplied weapon drawing speeds - fixed
  • CTF: If the Flag becomes stuck inside an object, it will automatically teleport above the object
  • Support will no longer attempt to supply downed or dead players and themselves while using ammo kit handheld supply