Air Drone

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Air Drone is a gadget in BattleBit Remastered.


It is a small, man-portable drone with four rotors. Use the mouse to turn, use Q (or space) and E (or ctrl) to go up and down, use WASD for directional movement, and press shift to accelerate.

In spite of its simplicity, the Air Drone is one of the most chaotic gadgets in the game. It has a much wider variety of uses than it would seem on the surface.


Reconnaissance Drone

Fly the drone high in the sky for a bird's eye view of the battlefield. You can use it to spot out enemies for your team, or to find targets to snipe. However, using the drone for this purpose is limiting and, in fact, rather boring.

IED Drone

Place multiple Anti-Personnel mines on the drone and fly it into groups of enemies to destroy them. When approaching enemies you must fly at their feet, as players still need to step on the mine to activate it. It is best to approach a group of enemies from behind who are fighting or otherwise distracted.

Alternatively, substitute the AP Mines with C4. This takes a bit more practice to do right, as you have to detonate manually after flying into a cluster of enemies, but as a tradeoff, you can now use it to take down unsuspecting vehicles.