Anti Personnel Mine

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Anti Personnel Mine is a gadget in BattleBit Remastered.


The Anti Personnel Mine is a small black disc that can only be placed on the ground. They can be hidden much easier than claymores, but sport a smaller trigger area. They will detonate upon enemy contact or being shot. Anti Personnel Mines will not despawn upon player death. There is a deploy limit of 4 mines at any time. When the fifth mine is placed, the first will despawn.

Upon early access release, Anti Personnel Mines did not have a deploy limit. However, they despawned upon player death which made them considerably more niche compared to claymores, which did not despawn upon death. This was changed in version 1.8.1 which made the Anti Personnel Mines persist upon player death and gave both the Anti Personnel Mine and Claymore a deploy limit of 4 at a time.


Anti Personnel Mines should be placed in congested locations that ideally have a large amount of traffic. Windows and staircases for instance, make for great trap locations due to limited visibility and difficulty in removing the mine.

Use On Drones

Anti Personnel Mines can be placed on Air Drones to create some sort of explosive Air Drone. At its target, the drone has to be flown at ground level to trigger the mine. Some people prefer to use C4 instead.