Heavy Ammo Kit

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Heavy Ammo Kit is a gadget in BattleBit Remastered. It is exclusive to the Support class.


The Heavy Ammo Kit is located in the Secondary Gadget slot for the Support class, alongside the Small Ammo Kit. As its name suggests, it allows both the player and their teammates to resupply ammunition for their weapons, grenades, bandages and other gadgets. Support players spawn with two by default. It cannot be resupplied by any ammunition kit type. It cannot also be picked up once deployed on the ground.

In order to use the Heavy Ammo Kit, it has to be deployed first. The player switches to it by pressing the Secondary Gadget key - the 5 key by default - then left-clicks to throw the ammunition kit onto the ground. Once fully deployed, all players are able to resupply by looking directly at it and pressing the interaction key - the F key by default. This opens a sub-menu the player can choose which equipment or weapon they want to resupply by pressing the relevant, corresponding key.


Resupplying teammates is the main function of the Support class, so Support players should ensure their team is fully stocked. This is best achieved by deploying the kit in populated areas such as objectives and chokepoints, or simply nearby clusters of teammates. Due to not being able to be picked up once placed, players should be mindful of the location they choose, especially due to only having two available once spawned.

Support players who opt to anchor an objective or chokepoint should place their ammunition kit close by to ensure continual resupply over a longer duration. For support players who are more mobile or aggressive, one should take cover to resupply before moving to a different objective. Resupplying in open areas leaves players vulnerable to enemy gunfire.