Prestige Skins

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Prestige Skins are weapon camouflages in BattleBit Remastered.

List of Camouflages

Icon Unlock Method
Forest Solid Tundra.png
125 Kills
Desert Solid Coyote.png
275 Kills
Forest Camo Woodland.png
475 Kills
Forest Solid Woodland.png
475 Kills
Forest Solid Olivegreen.png
625 Kills
Desert Solid DesertLand.png
850 Kills
Desert Camo DryPlant.png
975 Kills
Desert Solid DryPlant.png
Variety Camo Autumn.png
1150 Kills
Variety Solid Pumpkin.png
Snow Solid SnowStorm.png
1300 Kills
Snow Camo Snow.png
Naval Camo DeepSea.png
1450 Kills
Naval Solid DeepSea.png
Urban Camo GreyDogs.png
1600 Kills
Urban Solid GreyDogs.png
Special Camo Saints.png
1750 Kills
Special Solid Saints.png
Special Camo Crait.png
1900 Kills
Special Solid Crait.png
Special Camo Outbreak.png
2050 Kills
Special Solid Outbreak.png

Icon Unlock Method
Variety Solid Pumpkinfield.png
225 Kills
Forest Solid Mint.png
425 Kills
Forest Solid DigitalForest.png
600 Kills
Forest Solid PlainFields.png
780 Kills
Naval Solid UltraMarine.png
950 Kills
Variety Solid DeepRed.png
1125 Kills
Forest Camo Jungle.png
1275 Kills
Forest Solid Jungle.png
Forest Camo Overgrown.png
1475 Kills
Forest Solid Overgrown.png
Desert Solid DesertLand.png
1650 Kills
Desert Camo DesertLand.png
Variety Camo Pumpkin.png
1825 Kills
Variety Solid Pumpkin.png
Snow Camo SnowStorm.png
2000 Kills
Snow Solid SnowStorm.png
Naval Camo MarineStar.png
2150 Kills
Naval Solid MarineStar.png
Urban Camo NightForce.png
2300 Kills
Urban Solid NightForce.png
Special Camo Koi.png
2450 Kills
Special Solid Koi.png
Special Camo Vulcano.png
2600 Kills
Special Solid Vulcano.png

Icon Unlock Method
Forest Camo Fieldgreen.png
375 Kills
Desert Camo DesertRaid.png
880 Kills
Desert Solid DesertLand.png
Snow Camo DeepSnow.png
1095 Kills
Snow Solid DeepSnow.png
Forest Camo DeepJungle.png
1330 Kills
Forest Solid DeepJungle.png
Naval Camo UltraMarine.png
1525 Kills
Naval Solid UltraMarine.png
Special Camo FloraSuper.png
1725 Kills
Special Solid FloraSuper.png
Snow Solid Avalanche.png
1875 Kills
Snow Camo Avalanche.png
Desert Camo Quicksand.png
2000 Kills
Desert Solid Quicksand.png
Urban Camo GreyDogs.png
2080 Kills
Urban Solid GreyDogs.png
Naval Camo Waterfall.png
2350 Kills
Naval Solid Waterfall.png
Urban Solid UrbanWarrior.png
2500 Kills
Urban Camo UrbanWarrior.png
Special Camo Sunset.png
2680 Kills
Special Solid Sunset.png
Special Camo CherryBlossum.png
2800 Kills
Special Soild CherryBlossum.png
Special Camo CodeGreen.png
2950 Kills
Special Solid CodeGreen.png
Special Camo CodeRed.png
3100 Kills
Special Solid CodeRed.png