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The Quick-A magazine is a attachment unlocked by acquiring kills with the corresponding weapon.


The Quick-A magazine attachment decreases the reload time of any weapon it is equipped on. Most weapons see a reload time reduction of approximately ~16.7% or roughly one-sixth. Some do gain a slightly lower or higher reduction, ranging between 16% to 26%. The MK14 EBR sees the least benefit, gaining a 16.1% decrease. The P90 gains the largest benefit, seeing a 25.8% decrease.

The Quick-A attachment also negatively affects some weapon's others statistics, mainly recoil and control.

Data Points across the weapons

Datapoints are set in category for best to worse


Fal 21.5%

ACR 21.1% (Quick B 13.1%)

M4A1 20.6%

SG550 20.5%

AK74 16.7%

AK15 16.7%

SCAR H 16.7%

AUG A3 16.7%

FAMAS 16.7%

G36c 16.7%

HK419 16.7%


PP19 25.8%

P90 22.9%

UMP45 19.35%

MP7 18.75%

MP5 18.7%

Vector 18%

Honey Badger 16.7%

AS Val 16.7%


MK20 20%

MK14 16.1%


L86A1 16.6%