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Flashbang is a gadget in BattleBit Remastered.


The Flashbang erupts in a bright light and do a small amount of damage after about 2.5 seconds of travel time from being thrown. They affect both allies and enemies alike, similar to Smoke Grenades and Flares. Any players within close proximity of the flashbang when it erupts will see their screen go white and freeze up, a very hallucinogenic effect, leaving them temporarily useless in a fight.


Flashbangs should be used with careful consideration in order to make sure allies aren't affected and enemies suffer the most from it. They are used best within enclosed areas, where enemy position is somewhat predictable and there is limited cover to avoid the Flashbang. Capitalizing on Flashbangs is also much easier in enclosed areas due to not needing to worry about being shot from other angles. Typically, it is best to bounce the Flashbang off of walls as it allows the player to stand clear of the blast without repositioning.

Additionally, Flashbang eruptions will also create a hitmarker due to it doing 5 damage in a small radius. Players can use this information to determine if the Flashbang was successful in blinding an enemy.