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The PP2000 is a Russian Submachine Gun. It is unlocked at level 25.


General Overview

The PP2000 is a low damage, fast-firing submachine gun (SMG). Damage is second-lowest in its category, tied with the Kriss Vector for being a five-shot kill up close. Range is poor, although on par with most SMGs. Muzzle velocity is worst in-class too, tied with the MP7 at just 350 meters per second. Firerate is excellent however, at 1000 RPM, the second-fastest in its category. This ultimately gives the PP2000 in a relatively quick time-to-kill at short distances, but worsens outside its intended range bracket.

Magazine capacity is above-average at 40 rounds, and reload times are comparatively spritely at 3.33 seconds for a tactical reload. Recoil is fairly low, kicking mostly upwards with minor horizontal kick. Aim time is a cut above most SMGs, at 150 milliseconds, the same as the MP7. Other handling traits such as hipfire accuracy, mobility and draw speed are also typical for an SMG.

Usage & Tips

The PP2000 is an SMG built for aggression and liberal use of the trigger. Its high rate-of-fire and high magazine capacity make it ideal for 'run-and-gun' tactics and other strategies built on speed and close-quarters-combat (CQC). Its controllability and quick aim time also make it ideal as a reactive weapon, quickly able to put multiple accurate shots on target. The PP2000 is slightly outclassed by most SMGs at very close distances in terms of time-to-kill. However, the PP2000 will edge them out between 40 and 65 meters when their damage drops to a five-shot kill. Longer ranged engagements — approximately past 150 meters — should be avoided entirely as the weapon loses its potency. The PP2000's poor muzzle velocity and low damage at such distances make it unviable. As with all SMGs, it is best to stick to shorter sight lines and or areas with enemies within close proximity, such as objective areas and choke points.

The PP2000 is notably one of two SMGs that can increase its magazine capacity, from 40 to 60 rounds. It turns the PP2000 into a mini-LMG, capable of providing sustained, accurate, automatic fire at 1000 RPM. This does come at the cost of significant penalties to recoil, reload times, running speed and draw speed. Given the lack of any grips or recoil reduction barrel attachments, it is a big trade off but one worth considering.


The PP2000 offers great CQC prowess as a nimble and fast-firing SMG, albeit suffers at longer ranges due to low damage and muzzle velocity. Although small, it is powerful when used correctly.


Short Range Sights
Red Dot 0
Reflex 75
Razor 90
Holographic 115
HS401G5 135
Holo PK-120 150
Kobra 190
Strikefire 200
Aim Comp 300
F You Sight 350
Medium Range Sights
TRI 4X32 40
M 125 70
Prisma 95
Acog 165
Echo 185
Burris AR332 220
Slip 270
Flir 330

Top Sights
Red Dot Sight 25
Delta Sight Top 50
C Red Dot Top 75
F You Top 500
Canted Sights
Iron Sight 25
Red Dot 50
Holo Dot 75
F You Canted 1000

Side Rail
Flashlight 20
Tactical Flashlight 20
RedLaser 50
GreenLaser 50
Search Light 80
Range Finder 120

Name Size Reload Time
None 40 0
Extended-A 60 +42.9%


The PP-2000 (Russian: ПП-2000) is a submachine gun designed in the 1990s, manufactured by Russia's Instrument Design Bureau. It was unveiled at the Interpolytech-2004 exhibition in Moscow, and production commenced in 2006. It was adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2008. The PP-2000 was made to be simple, low-cost and reliable, particularly important in post-communist Russia.[1]

The PP-2000's design is to provide a compact, lightweight, high-capacity automatic weapon for use in close quarters: intended for armoured vehicle crews, riot police and special forces. It makes use of a telescoping bolt to permit the magazine be housed in the pistol grip and reduce overall weapon length, a side-folding stock, and multiple Picatinny rails.[2][3] Whilst chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum, the PP-2000 was specifically made to use the Russian 7N31 9×19mm overpressure (+P+) variant. This provides greater penetration capabilities against body armor compared to typical 9×19mm rounds but maintain effectiveness against non-armored targets, at a cost of reduced effective range.[2][4] This technically makes the PP-2000 a personal defense weapon (PDW).


  • The PP2000 in real life is technically classifiable as either a submachine gun, machine pistol, or PDW.[1]
  • In real life, the PP2000 does not use 40-round magazines.


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