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The AUG A3 is an Austrian bullpup automatic rifle. It is unlocked at rank 75.


The AUG A3 is a long-range automatic rifle, sporting the second lowest base infantry damage, only losing to the SG550 and lowest infantry DPS among the long-range ARs, but the highest light armor damage, and DPS, of any automatic weapon in the game. It also features excellent recoil statistics, as well as formidable accuracy and velocity that compete with DMRs and sniper rifles.


Short Range
Reflex 5
Red Dot 35
Kobra 50
Strikefire 70
Razor 100
Holographic 115
Holo PK-120 120
Aim Comp 200
HS401G5 240
F You Sight 350
Medium Range
M 125 25
Acog 80
TRI 4X32 130
Echo 150
Prisma 165
Slip 180
Burris AR332 270
Flir 310

Top Sights
Red Dot Sight 25
Delta Sight Top 50
C Red Dot Top 75
F You Top 500
Canted Sights
Iron Sight 25
Red Dot 50
Holo Dot 75
F You Canted 1000

Side Rail
Flashlight 25
Tactical Flashlight 25
Redlaser 70
Greenlaser 70
Searchlight 90
Rangefinder 115

Name Size Reload Time
None 30 0
Quick-A 30 -16.7%
Extended-A 35 +11%
Extended-B 45 +25.1%

Usage & Tips

  • The AUG A3 is an extremely accurate and low recoil automatic rifle. In particular, its accuracy and velocity stats are entirely unmatched by other ARs, allowing its entire effective range to be utilized with relative ease. As such, it is an excellent option for the role of a medium-range automatic. However, its low fire rate and moderate damage results in the lowest infantry DPS of any AR, making it a poor choice for close-range combat where its strengths are less apparent.
    • The AUG's low infantry damage also gives it relatively poor hits to kill. In particular, it is one of only two long-range ARs that cannot kill in two headshots against a normal helmet. Before attachments, it also takes one more hit to kill an opponent with bodyshots compared to the higher damage ARs, across all five armor types. The considerably lower recoil and better accuracy of the AUG compared to higher damage ARs compensates for this difference somewhat.
  • The AUG has the highest light armor DPS of any weapon in the game. Combined with the high capacity of extended magazines, and its pinpoint accurate bursts, it can deal significant damage to transport vehicles in a short amount of time. While the various anti-vehicle options of the Engineer class will outperform it, the AUG can still serve as an alternative, or complement, to C4 for other classes.
    • As with all weapons outside of the sniper rifles, the AUG deals no damage to heavy armor.


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