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The Ultimax 100 is a Singaporean Light Machine Gun. It is unlocked at level 100.


The Ultimax 100 offers the lowest total recoil and best light armor damage of 5 among the support weapons, at a cost of the lowest infantry damage of 29, tied lowest fire rate at 600 RPM and the second longest reload at 5.8 seconds. This all results in the Ultimax having a fairly high infantry time to kill at close ranges, especially when compared to other options that sport better damage and fire rate, while sporting the second best Light vehicle damage per second of 50.


Short Range Sights Kills
Reflex 5
Red Dot 35
Kobra 50
Strikefire 70
Razor 100
Holographic 115
Holo PK-120 120
Aim Comp 200
HS401G5 240
F You Sight 350
Medium Range Sights
M 125 25
Acog 80
TRI 4X32 130
Echo 150
Prisma 165
Slip 180
Burris AR332 270
Flir 310

Top Sights Kills
Red Dot Sight 25
Delta Sight Top 50
C Red Dot Top 75
F You Top 500
Canted Sights
Iron Sight 25
Red Dot 50
Holo Dot 75
F You Canted 1000

Side Rail Kills
Flashlight 25
Tactical Flashlight 25
RedLaser 70
GreenLaser 70
Searchlight 90
Rangefinder 115

Usage & Tips

  • The Ultimax100's strongest feature is its horizontal recoil of 0.60, matching or even outperforming many SMGs. This means that recoil is almost exclusively vertical, and with attachments to mitigate vertical recoil, it is capable of firing long, accurate bursts with ease, even across relatively long distances. However, it's high first shot kick and poor control makes it ineffective with "tap shots."
    • It low recoil under extended fire allows it to apply suppressive fire at medium ranges. Its high volume of fire allows it to more effectively force enemies to stay in cover, or kill them if they stay exposed, than the MG36, whose high damage and lower first shot kick makes it more suited to taking accurate tap shots.
  • The Ultimax features the second highest DPS against light vehicles among Support weapons, with the L86A1's higher fire rate giving it a slight advantage. However, the Ultimax100's bigger magazine, better ammo efficiency, and far better recoil makes it preferable for a dedicated anti-vehicle role, particularly if the vehicle being fired at is in motion.
    • Although the Ultimax features a relatively high light armor DPS for a Support weapon, it compares poorly to weapons in other categories. Namely, the AUG A3, Groza, and P90 provide more than double the DPS against vehicles. Additionally, the AUG and P90 can also be set up for high magazine capacity and low recoil, and while the Ultimax still remains unmatched in raw magazine capacity and recoil control, the better light armor DPS, handling, and infantry damage of the aforementioned weapons may make them preferable in this role.
  • The Ultimax features the largest magazine and most efficient reload, in terms of rounds reloaded per second, of all Support weapons. This means less downtime over a longer engagement, or multiple smaller ones, than other Support weapons. However, the far faster reloads that the L86A1 and MG36 can achieve means the player spends less time exposed per reload, reducing the risk of an enemy pushing them during it.
  • While a bipod can be fitted to the Ultimax, its naturally low recoil means it can be set up to have similar performance to a deployed bipod without suffering the significant drawbacks of fitting it.


The Ultimax 100 or U 100, is a drum-fed, open bolt, squad-automatic-weapon (SAW) designed & manufactured by the Singaporean defense company ST Kinetics. It features a "constant recoil" system to help reduce recoil by not allowing the bolt to reach its end of travel.

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