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The Unica is an Italian heavy caliber pistol. It is unlocked at rank 40.


The Mateba Autorevolver Model 6 Unica is an Italitan semi-automatic revolver first produced in 1997.

In-game, it is the first Heavy Caliber Pistol that a player will unlock. At 60 damage per shot, double that of the previously highest damage sidearm, it should be apparent that the Unica packs a punch. Its high damage is balanced by a slow fire rate at just 200 rpm, and much higher recoil than the pistols. Nevertheless, it still allows the Unica it's very capable of finishing off wounded enemies in one hit, and healthy ones in 2 or 3. Its low rate of fire means it is a demanding weapon, any miss will be costly. It also isn't very well suited to taking on several foes, due to this low fire rate and having only 6 shots in the cylinder.

As a backup gun, though, it is a powerful option, especially in the hands of a skilled player.


  • Suppressor Long

  • Pistol Red Dot
  • Pistol Delta Sight
  • Pistol 8x Scope

  • Flashlight
  • RedLaser
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • GreenLaser


  • The Unica is one of only four guns in the game with fully modeled cartridges in the magazine.
    • The other weapons that model cartridges in the magazine are the M4A1, the M249, and Rsh12.
  • When performing a combat reload, an entire cylinder is dropped rather than the individual rounds seen in the animation. This inconsistency is likely in place to make it easier to find cylinders so they can be picked up again.

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