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The Red Dot is a Short Range Main Sight.


The Red Dot sight is a red dot style optic. It has 1x magnification. It, like many short range main sights, has no impact on the handling of the weapon. The reticle is composed of a single red dot in the middle of an oval-shaped border. The sight features very high visibility and is suited for short to mid-range fighting.

The Red Dot sight is closely related to the Coyote sight, available in Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. From the Battlefield Wiki: "This particular red dot sight is one extremely commonly copied design in real life, with many small workshops (commonly Chinese-based) copying the design and manufacturing it under a variety of different names and markings, then sold through a large number of online retailers. The origin of the design is unknown and unknowable due to the large amounts of copies obscuring any traces of its history. Examples of sights of this design include Yagnob HD106, Eagle Force EA JH406, Aimpoint JH406, and other generically-named models."[1]

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