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The AK15 is a Russian Automatic Rifle. It is unlocked at level 15.


General Overview

The AK15 is a hard-hitting, slow automatic rifle. Damage is high, dealing a three-shot kill up close to light and unarmored targets. Damage is high enough to also achieve a kill with two headshots. Range is fairly good, its three-shot kill reaching out to 190 meters. Muzzle velocity is fairly good for its class, at 750 meters per second. Rate-of-fire (RoF) conversely is the second-slowest of its category at 540 RPM. The AK15 subsequently has a fairly quick time-to-kill up within its three-shot kill range.

Reload times are slower than average, at 3.93 seconds for a normal tactical reload. Magazine capacity is also below-average, at 24 rounds. Recoil is quite high—tied with the SCAR-H for worst vertical recoil and second-worst horizontal recoil of the automatic rifles. Handling traits are also poor, possessing the slowest aim-time slowest running speed and worst control value. in its weapon category.

Usage & Tips

The AK15 is powerful, but slow and unwieldy at times. Its slow firerate and poor handling make it ill-suited for pure close-quarters-combat (CQC). Submachine guns (SMGs) and more nimble weapons are better alternatives. The AK15 best excels outside of extreme CQC but still within its three-shot kill distance. Outside of 200 meters, the designated marksman rifles (DMRs) are better options—the AK15's poor recoil, worse velocity and damage being key downsides at such distances. Given the poorer handling, the AK15 is not optimal for direct, aggressive playstyles. Anticipating engagements and ensuring gunfights start on favorable terms is critical for effective use. Utilising flanking ambush tactics or defensive positioning are useful tactics.

Recoil is a main drawback of the AK15 given its need for good shot placement. Its horizontal kick is a major hinderance, particularly with landing headshots. Barrel and grip attachments help remedy the higher kick to a manageable degree, although users will still need to pull down to ensure sufficient accuracy. If a user is quite comfortable controlling the recoil, a suppressor is a worthwhile choice. Masking the firing sound aids in landing consecutive shots undetected, useful due to the lower firerate. Its stealth benefit is also idea for ambush tactics. Optics such as the reflex and holographic sights also provide better target acquisition and shot placement, improving overall performance.


The AK15 is ultimately a weapon that trades controllability for sheer power. Its ability to quickly down targets is a boon for any user. Whilst kicking like a mule, once tamed, it is an extremely effective rifle in capable hands.


Short Range Sights
Reflex 5
Red Dot 35
Kobra 50
Strikefire 70
Razor 100
Holographic 115
Holo PK-120 120
Aim Comp 200
HS401G5 240
F You Sight 350
Medium Range Sights
M 125 25
Acog 80
TRI 4X32 130
Echo 150
Prisma 165
Slip 180
1P78 ?
Burris AR332 270
Flir 310

Top Sights
Red Dot Sight 25
Delta Sight Top 50
C Red Dot Top 75
F You Top 500
Canted Sights
Iron Sight 25
Red Dot 50
Holo Dot 75
F You Canted 1000

Side Rail
Flashlight 25
Tactical Flashlight 25
RedLaser 70
GreenLaser 70
Search Light 90
Range Finder 115

Name Size Reload Time
None 24 0
Quick-A 24 -16.7%
Extended-A 40 +26.7%
Extended-B 45 +17.6%


The AK-15 is a variant of the AK-12 assault rifle designed and manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern. It is chambered in the older Soviet 7.62×39mm round, a higher caliber round compared to the AK-12's 5.45×39mm intermediate cartridge. It was developed at the request of the Russian military to provide a higher stopping power alternative in the new AK-12 platform. It was adopted by the Russian military in 2018.[1]



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